Thank you for becoming a Connected Agile citizen to shape the future of Agile, together. 


Connected Agile acknowledges and inherits the Agile Manifesto for Software Development and Agnostic Agile values and principles and extends them to this citizenship community. 

We pay our respect to all Agile practitioners and thought leaders who are working to both evolve and revolutionise the industry for the betterment of all people, organisations and the world.

What citizenship means


Being a Connected Agile citizen means that you are making an ongoing commitment to Agile and our shared values, which are rooted in but not limited to both the Agile Manifesto and in Agnostic Agile.

Formal membership

This is the beginning of your formal membership of the Connected Agile community, and your entry point into Connected Agile. It enables you to say 'I am a Connected Agile' citizen.


You now have access to the Connected Agile Community and other valuable learning resources that will be freely on offer to you.

Community Values

Valuable Solutions

Although the Agile Manifesto mentions software, we work with valuable solutions.  These will usually involve, but are not limited to, people and technology.


We foster a community of safety and respect for all citizens. We should all be able to act in the community without fear of negative consequences.


Respect for all individuals regardless of their background


We foster a community of bravery and courage to speak out and take action. Courage is needed to make meaningful change in our organisations and community. 


We strongly believe in cultivating purpose in our lives, no matter what stage we are at.

What you get now you've joined

  • Learning Resources
  • Professional Network
  • Access to news
  • Access to events
  • Access to publications
  • Ability to shape the community
  • Access to the Connected Agile™ Platform
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Startup opportunities
  • Business opportunities
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As a Connected Agile citizen you must

Uphold the ideas, values and principles of both the Agile Manifesto for Software Development and of Agnostic Agile.
Be an Active Citizen, realising that you have a greater role to play in the Connected Agile Community, to help maintain and co-create a healthy, evolving community in pursuit of the greater good.


Connected Agile citizenship was officially launched in January 2021.  

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